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The project “Active Art for Attractive Tourism – ARTOUR”

The project “Active Art for Attractive Tourism – ARTOUR” is co-financed by the European Union through European Regional Development Fund under the Interreg V-A Romania – Bulgaria programme. The total budget of the project is 454 130.10 Euro, of which co-financing from the ERDF – 386 010.58 Euro, national public co-financing – 59 032.38 Euro and co-financing from the partners – 9 087.14 Euro. The INTERREG V-A Romania-Bulgaria program is aimed at developing the cross-border region between the two countries. The main strategic objective of the program is:

To bring together the people, communities and economies of the Romania-Bulgaria border region to participate in the joint development of a cooperative area, using its human, natural and environmental resources and advantages in a sustainable way.

The eligible Programme territory includes 7 Romanian counties (Mehedinti, Dolj, Olt, Teleorman, Guirgiu, Calarasi and Constanta) and 8 administrative Bulgarian districts (Vidin, Montana, Vratsa, Pleven, Veliko Tarnovo, Rousse, Silistra and Dobrich), as follows:

More information about the Programme can be found at: http://www.interregrobg.eu/en/

The project “Active Art for Attractive Tourism – ARTOUR” has the following objective:

Create a thematic art & culture events tourist product based on the natural and cultural heritage in order to promote the CBC region as more attractive tourist destination and better use the potential of the tourism on the lower Danube”

The project activities include:

  • conducting a study of potential application of art & culture tourist product and services in the CBC region;

  • close consultations with the key stakeholders in identifying particular artists, traditions and sites so that high-quality art & culture tourist product, services and animation can be delivered;

  • development of joint thematic art & culture tourist product with art animation and programme for its pilot implementation in the course of the project;

  • organizing 4 art & culture tourist events as plein-air festivals over three (3) days with the participation of artists (painters, dancers, singers, actors) who will make live presentations of their arts (2 in BG and 2 in RO) for pilot implementation of the thematic art & culture tourist product according to the elaborated programme;

  • analysis of the pilot implementation of the thematic art & culture tourist product and elaboration of 5-year programme for its implementation after the project completion;

  • development of promotional webpage of the newly created thematic art & culture tourist product and undertaking a wide promotional online and media campaign.

The project outputs are intended to be used by a significant number of key stakeholders such as:

  • tour agents that can offer tourists animation services to their clients according to the programme for organizing the art & culture tourist events;

  • cruise companies and operators that can include in the schedules of their cruises the thematic art & culture tourist product;

  • tourists visiting the CBC region when the art & culture events are organized;

  • various artists directly engaged in the art & culture events;

  • local business that provide basic and supporting services to tourist sector;

  • local population that can also attend the art & culture events.

Contacts in Bulgaria:

+359 878 482 461

+ 359 884 074 995


Contacts in Romania:

+40 21 210 1090

+40 744 504 257


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